Sistema Ana G. Mendez-Universidad del Turabo

Sistema Ana G. Mendez-Universidad del Turabo

The Ana G. Méndez University System —or Sistema Universitario Ana G. Méndez (SUAGM) in Spanish— is a private institution of higher education in Puerto Rico.

It is integrated by:

  • Sistema Acelerador de Tecnologías | ACT GLOBAL
  • Sistema Center for Telecommunications and Education at a Distance
  • Sistema Universidad del Turabo (UT) Campus
  • Sistema Universidad Metropolitana (UMET) Campus
  • Sistema Universidad del Este (UNE) Campus
  • Sistema Metro Orlando Campus
  • Sistema South Florida Campus
  • Sistema Tampa Bay Campus
  • Sistema District of Columbia (DC) Campus
  • Sistema TV (WMTJ) Channel
  • Sistema Dallas-Ft-Worth Campus

Offered Courses:

  • Bachelor's Level
  • Account/Business/Economics/Fin
  • Master's Level
  • Account/Business/Economics/Fin
  • Education & Training
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