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About MES Keveeyam College

MES Keveeyam College Valanchery has educated and shaped the future of students belonging to the rural precincts of Malappuram and nearby districts for nearly 38 years. The college has maintained a positive academic atmosphere for intellectual pursuits that has consistently been rewarded with excellence in curricular and co-curricular endeavours. The college is a Govt. aided institution run by Muslim Educational Society, affiliated to the University of Calicut and included under 2(f) and 12(b) of the UGC act. It has blossomed into a premier institution offering 11 undergraduate, 6 post graduate programmes apart from various other UGC add-on courses and trainings. The institution marked another significant milestone with the sanctioning of a Research Centre to Department of Chemistry in 2014.  It was a felicitous recognition of the college striving for excellence when the college was conferred an ‘A’ grade in the NAAC accreditation with CGPA 3.28. A well equipped research complex with state-of-the art facilities funded by DST-FIST has been inaugurated in 2017. Our College has been ranked at 51 by NIRF of MHRD, Govt. of India in 2016-17. The college is a partner institution of Study in India programme and  Institution Innovation Council of MHRD.

Brief History

M E S Keveeyam College was established in 1981 as an aided, affiliated college under the aegis of Muslim Educational Society (MES). Before the college came into being, the higher educational aspirations of the young people of this predominantly agrarian and backward area were met by an unaided institution in the parallel stream. It was the long and concerted efforts of the local population under the visionary leadership of men like late Dr. N. K. Mohammed, the first practitioner of modern medicine in this locality and Sri. K. V Mohamed, a prominent businessman and philanthropist, among others with the active involvement of MES, which made a regular college a reality. The college has achieved matching progress in academic front both in quality and quantity with new courses, added facilities and consistently very good performance in university level examinations. As the college enters its 39th year of meaningful service and having fulfilled its initial goal of opening up higher education opportunities for as many young and aspiring scholars of the rural population as possible, though not in full measure, but very substantially, we feel that it is time we turned more quality conscious and more focussed in our mission. No one can afford to overlook the emerging changes taking place in every walk of life in the wake of globalisation. Higher education is undergoing thorough changes in content, management and funding. As the concept of brand-image in higher education catches on, every institution will have to undergo SWOT analysis and brace itself up for future challenges. We do believe that, while first accreditation defined our past status, the process of undergoing re-accreditation will help us for introspection, to take stock of our strength, weakness, opportunities and threats and thus prepare ourselves for the challenges of a highly competitive future.



The college started under the aegis of Muslim Educational Society as an aided college.



The first UG programme started with  BSc Zoology



The first PG programme started with MSc Polymer Chemistry



The College has been accredited by NAAC with ‘B’ Grade



The First Research Centre sanctioned for Department of Chemistry



The College has been re-accredited by NAAC with ‘A’ Grade



DST-FIST funding sanctioned



College has been nationally ranked at 51st position in the NIRF of MHRD



B Voc programmes started



Foreign students joined the college through the Study in India programme of MHRD



Fee Structure at MES Keveeyam College


1. Tuition fee is to be paid in three terms. Special Fees will be collected along with first instalment of tuition fee.

2. The due dates for the remittance of tuition fees with or without fine will be notified on the notice board.

3. Absence from the college with or without leave shall not be an excuse for non-payment of fees.

4. Fees will be received in the office upto 3p.m. on the specified dates.

5. No part payment of fees will be accepted.

6. Defaulters of fees will not be permitted to attend classes till they pay the fee arrears together with the specified fine. In cases where the names of the defaulters have been removed from the rolls, re-admission fee at the specified rate will also have to be paid.





Name of the


TuitionFee SpecialFee SemesterFee CautionDeposit Total
B A English 1050 955 0 360 2365


B Com Finance


1050 955 0 360 2365
B Com Computer application


1050 955 0 360 2365
B Sc. Physics


1050 1375 0 360 2785
B Sc. Polymer Chemistry


1050 955 0 360 2785
B Sc. Zoology


1050 1535 0 360 2945
BCA(Self Financing)


0 3000 18750 1000 22750
B Sc. Psychology (Self Financing)


0 3000 11250 1000 15250
B Com Finance (Self Financing)


0 3000 9000 1000 13000
M Sc. Polymer Chemistry


1890 2215 0 600 4705
M Com


1890 955 0 600 3445
M Sc. Physics (Self Financing)


0 3000 22500 1000 26500
M Sc. Zoology (Self Financing)


0 3000 22500 1000 26500
M A English (Self Financing)


0 3000 20750 1000 24750
B. Voc. 3150 1770   360  



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Offered Courses:

  • Art (Performing)
  • Art (Performing)
  • Bachelor's Level
  • Account/Business/Economics/Fin
  • Computer/IT & Related Subjects
  • Humanities/Social/Dev.Studies
  • Science (Physical/Biological)
  • Other Subjects
  • Master's Level
  • Account/Business/Economics/Fin
  • Computer/IT & Related Subjects
  • Humanities/Social/Dev.Studies
  • Science (Physical/Biological)
  • Other Subjects
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