Australian National University [ANU]

Australian National University [ANU]

ANU is a world-leading university in Australia’s capital city, Canberra. Their location points to their unique history, ties to the Australian Government and special standing as a resource for the Australian people.

Their focus on research as an asset, and an approach to education, ensures the graduates are in demand the world-over for their abilities to understand, and apply vision and creativity to addressing complex contemporary challenges.



Choose from over 50 single degree programs across our seven academic colleges. Focus on a specific subject area or select a combination of subject areas to explore.

Single degrees generally take between three and four years of full-time study to complete, and allow you to focus on a structured discipline or experience a broad range of subjects.

If you have a career in mind and know what you want to study, choose a structured degree like a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) or a Bachelor of Medical Science.

If you want flexibility to study a range of subjects within a discipline, choose something like the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science.


BACCT Bachelor of Accounting
HACCT Bachelor of Accounting (Honours)
BACTS Bachelor of Actuarial Studies
HACTS Bachelor of Actuarial Studies (Honours)
AACOM Bachelor of Advanced Computing (Honours)
AACRD Bachelor of Advanced Computing (Research and Development) (Honours)
BADAN Bachelor of Applied Data Analytics
HADAN Bachelor of Applied Data Analytics (Honours)
BAPRC Bachelor of Archaeological Practice
HAPRC Bachelor of Archaeological Practice (Honours)
BAHCR Bachelor of Art History and Curatorship
HAHCR Bachelor of Art History and Curatorship (Honours)
BARTS Bachelor of Arts
HARTS Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
HART2 Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
BASIA Bachelor of Asian Studies
HASIA Bachelor of Asian Studies (Honours)
BAPYA Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Studies (Year in Asia)
BBIOT Bachelor of Biotechnology
HBIOT Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours)



ANU Master degrees are now available to everyone with a Bachelor degree, providing more options to study outside your undergraduate discipline. Your program will be taught by world-leading researchers and equip you with a globally recognised degree from one of the world’s finest institutions.

You don’t have to have previous study in a related area. But if you do, then our Master degrees can be fast-tracked with recognition of previous study in a related discipline. More information on credit and entry options can be found on the program links below.

Credit towards Master degrees is available for studies completed up to seven years ago, but not studies completed more than seven years ago. Graduate certificate and graduate diploma awards are available as exit options in circumstances where the two-year Master degree cannot be completed.

Program specific entry requirements can be found by using the links provided below.


8950XMCHD Doctor of Medicine and Surgery
MEMPA Executive Master of Public Administration
MEMPP Executive Master of Public Policy
7050FDM Flexible Double Masters
6459XGCACC Graduate Certificate of Accounting
CADAN Graduate Certificate of Applied Data Analytics
CARTS Graduate Certificate of Arts
CCSRM Graduate Certificate of Cyber Security, Strategy and Risk Management
CECON Graduate Certificate of Economics
6659XGCENV Graduate Certificate of Environment
CFAS Graduate Certificate of Finance and Actuarial Statistics
CLAW Graduate Certificate of Law
CMGMT Graduate Certificate of Management
6829XGCMDS Graduate Certificate of Military and Defence Studies
CMILL Graduate Certificate of Military Law
CPUBH Graduate Certificate of Public Health
6192XGCPPP Graduate Certificate of Public Policy
CSCIE Graduate Certificate of Science
CSTUD Graduate Certificate of Studies
CSTOL Graduate Certificate of Studies – Online


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Offered Courses:

  • Bachelor's Level
  • Biomedical/Biotechnology
  • Master's Level
  • Account/Business/Economics/Fin
  • Computer/IT & Related Subjects
  • Humanities/Social/Dev.Studies
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