Uniglobe College

Uniglobe College


Kamaladi-31, Ganeshthan
Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone : 977-1-4220722|4251409|4221875

Website : www.uniglobecollege.edu.np






Uniglobe College is one of the finest +2 colleges of Nepal. It is centrally located, in the heart of the capital town Kathmandu. Uniglobe College is a friendly and warm abode that provides the greatest standards of instruction.  The sole objective of this college is “serving the country in gaining a big leap in the modern global situation directed, controlled and mobilized for its 21st century applicable science and management instruction”.

Uniglobe College is the learning residence of medical and general science, engineering and information engineering, and also a SciTech carter, and also obviously, optional and contemporary management flows in Nepal.

The organization is encouraged by a group of academics, experienced academicians and practitioners encouraged to lead in the business of establishing time required educational institutions of identifying individuality in Nepal.  The group includes professors and instructional specialists leading to varied industries at home and overseas both.

The Uniiglobe HSS college is run directly by its own company board. For this, academic policy and strategies are performed in actions under the direct leadership of their principal. The chief executive officer is encouraged by additional management staff members that must be liable for the board of supervisors. The business is perfectly designed from the collaborative direction module at which each member whether pupils’ seat or practitioners’ desk is mobilized to execute target oriented efforts toward attaining individual in Addition to institutional goals Trust- established staff relation- aimed to help and encourage academic, co-curricular and extracurricular activities as the core issues of the faculty – is an example of notable functioning styles of Uniglobe HSS/college.  The perfectly developed assumptions, different and pleasing inside ambiances and many attractive and in-house amenities supplement the many rewarding learning setting.   Having a superlative infrastructure unmatched with some of its contemporaries, Uniglobe HSS/college has attracted on the heart of elegance of modernization to function the professionals of tomorrow within the industry of contemporary management research, general science, medical science, technology, and information technology.

The Medical Entrance Examination Achievers from the Uniglobe SS College are :

(for the year 2023)

  1. Riya Shrestha
  2. Spriha Parajuli
  3. Abhidha Dhakal
  4. Aditya Gautam
  5. Shubham Prasad Dhungel
  6. Roji Dangol
  7. Kusum Dhungana
  8. Prenisha Sanjel
  9. Prahsanna Humagain
  10. Safal Pokharel
  11. Raeesa Shakya
  12. Aryan Ojha
  13. Safalta Pandit

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