Budhanilkantha School

Budhanilkantha School

merocollege recommended school

Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu

Tel. No.: + 977-14370249

E-Mail: kesharkhulal@bnks.edu.np,  info@bnks.edu.np

Website: www.bnks.edu.np


Budhanilkantha School is the government designated National School of Nepal. It is a fully residential English medium school. Budhanilkantha School was  established in December 1972 with the joint cooperation of the Government of Nepal and the Government of the United Kingdom (UK).  At present, the number of faculty is 75 and the support staff is 155 with the student to faculty ratio of almost 13:1.

The School is managed under Public Trust of Ministry of Education.

Currently, there are 1078 students in Budhanilkahtha School. Students are selected from a wide range of socio-economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds through a very highly competitive Entrance Test. About one-third of the total students are on scholarship sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Nepal.

Students from Budhanilkantha school, together with the selective students from other schools, are selected to do either the GCE A-Level program of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), UK or the Grade 11 & 12 (science program) of the National Education Board (NEB), Nepal.

Initially the school was for boys only. In 1991, the school was made co-educational.

The Budhanilkantha school has been achieving excellent results in the SEE and NEB Exam,  cambridge International A’ Levels exam.


Courses of Study at Budhanilkantha School:

1.   Budhanilkantha School follows the National Curriculum of Nepal from Grade 5 to Grade 10. At the end of grade 10 the students sit for their Secondary Education Examination (SEE), which is conducted nationwide by the Ministry of Education, Office of the Controller of Examination, Nepal. The subjects offered in the SEE are:

Nepali, English, Comp Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health Population & Environment Education, Additional Mathematics or Geography or Economics and Computer Science or Accounts & Office Management.

2.  After the SEE, the students can follow either of the two courses:

Grades 11 & 12 (Science) syllabus of NEB Nepal, which is a two- year course. In grade 11 the


Subjects offered at Budhanilkantha School :

Subjects offered here are Compulsory English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology or Computer Science and in grade 12 they are Compulsory Nepali, compulsory English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology or Mathematics. HSEB of Nepal administers the final examinations (external evaluation) annually in May/June. To pass HEEB Exams students used to pass in 5 subjects each in Grade 11 and Grade 12.

The Cambridge GCE A Level Program in Budhanilkantha school is also of two years.  English Language (AS Level) and Mathematics are compulsory for all students and in addition, each student takes one from the following subject combinations:

i.      Physics, Chemistry & Biology                                 ii.  Physics, Chemistry & Economics

iii.    Physics, Chemistry & Further Mathematics       iv.   Physics, Chemistry & Computer Studies

v.     Economics, Business Studies & Accounts             vi.  Economics, Business Studies & Computer Studies

Apart from these officially offered combinations of subjects, students are free to appear privately in any one or more extra subjects in their own initiative. To pass the CIE A Level students need to pass in 3 A Level subjects.

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