Aroma English Higher Secondary School

Aroma English Higher Secondary School


Aroma English Secondary School is the product of a deep research and plan to supplement the society with an academic institution having the best culture for learning. Aroma has succeed in the fulfillment of its deep seated mission, “From P.G. to P.G.” (Play Group to Post Graduate).


ABOUT Aroma English Higher Secondary School

Establishment of Aroma in 2054 B.S. was with a genuine view to fulfill the void between the learning aspirants and the quality education required in this region. In keeping the growing demand, our institution is a pioneer option and it has already proved itself as an institution with best learning culture. Situated in the heart of the city, Aroma has been undertaken and administered by a group of prominent professionals and experts having long experience in diverse disciplines. It’s deep seated aim is to enhance behavioral education at home in international standard so as to prepare competent, creative and motivated students to fit globally and compete the challenges as per the need of time.


VISION OF Aroma English Higher Secondary School

To establish and develop Aroma as an academic center where the blend of Science and Management stands as the bedrock in the pursuit of national goal of career building.


Mission of Aroma English Higher Secondary School

Aroma undertakes the mission of providing international standard education with excellent learning environment and proper individual care by a highly qualified, devoted and self motivated teaching team.


Excellent Performance

Excellent performance in HSEB / NEB results.


Attractive scholarship schemes for deserving & needy students.


Individual care, regular counselling & mentoring to all students.



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