Established in 2000 AD, Apex College is one of the most sought out educational Institute in Kathmandu. With over 150 courses and recognized faculty members, Apex provides the best learning environment a student can dream of. We implement modern teaching-learning methods that prepare students for the real world problems. The products of Apex are competent and thrive in the global market. At Apex College, our mission is to develop principled leaders who can bring change to the society through innovative ideas, research and networking.

Why choose Apex?

Focus on Academic Excellence

Education at Apex focuses on individual learning. We have trained professionals who provide the necessary knowledge you will require to stand out in your field of interests. Our approach to education is designed to nurture one’s ability to think and act critically and efficiently. We prioritize practical approach to learning. Alongside the classes, Apex also holds field visits, research events, independent studies and seminars to strengthen other qualities like resource utilization, leadership capabilities, etc.

Our instructors prepare you for the real life events you will most likely face in the near future. You will be made to act independently in real life scenarios to evaluate your level of understanding. Apex provides a resourceful environment for students to learn and understand.

Impressive Student–Faculty Ratio

We probably have the largest and most diversified team of full-time faculty, among private management colleges in Nepal. This large number of full time faculty ensures a high student- faculty ratio. As a result, you will get the benefit of regular and longer contact hours for interaction with the faculty members. Moreover, our faculty members are responsible not only for the particular courses that they teach but also for your overall personal development.

Excellent Career Counseling and Placement Services

The idea of having to choose from different career paths could intimidate some students. Apex Career Services (ACS) facilitates our students’ internship, placement and life-long career development. Hence, students understand the nature of the market and allows them to choose faculties that they feel confident in. As a result, the placement record of our graduates is impressive. Led by a team of faculty and staff members, ACS plays an instrumental role in bridging the gap between industry and academia. ACS ensures this primarily through continuous interactions between industry and the college. Furthermore, ACS facilitates services like career counseling, corporate meet, employer presentation, and on-campus recruitment.

We are proud that our graduates are contributing to many leading national and international organizations. With over 3500 Apex alumni working in Nepal and abroad, you can be benefitted with the networking resources to further your career and develop your relationships.

Student-led Clubs, Events, and Activities

Apex also tends to the extra curricular interests of the students. Individuals have a chance to be a part of clubs, where they develop a sense of teamwork and leadership. There are altogether eight different clubs at Apex, each of which is led and managed by students themselves. The club council will design different events which will enhance the mental, physical and social development of our students.

Global Connections

Since global connection is one of our core values at Apex, we deeply believe that our students must get international exposure to expand their global outlook. The college has hence explored opportunities in international universities and our global network is growing with time. Till date, Apex has already partnered with universities in Australia, USA and Europe. The mutual understanding between these universities and Apex College allows students and faculty members of the colleges to benefit from various scholarships and exchange programs. Every year, groups of students from the foreign universities visit Apex College.

Our students also go to foreign universities under student exchange program. A group of our students visited University of Padova, Italy, receiving Erasmus plus Scholarship. Such instances of global connectivity are in the increasing trend at Apex. You may be one of them in the days to come.


Apex Online

Apex Online is a complete modern online learning management system at Apex. This takes students beyond their normal course content to create a community of students away from the college premises that are engaged in expanding ideas, sharpening skills and fostering relationships among themselves. This community is always advancing itself with changing times.
Apex College has recently provided training on digital learning technologies to a team of more than 100 faculty and staff members. Apex Online is now well-prepared to meet the challenges of modern day learning and provides the best possible educational experience to students.





We realized that a solid understanding of the society is a must for future business success. Hence, we have designed our management course modules to include discussion on some prominent philosophers and major historical events that have shaped contemporary social thought process. Evidently, this has been a deliberate decision as we want to prepare our graduates to be able to broaden their organizations’ support of the society that is not just its consumer base but also its business milieu.

Another important feature of our program is the emphasis on leadership development and skill enhancement process reinforced by dozens of student-led events and activities that have been very carefully put together. Be that music, sports, film making, case studies, health awareness or entrepreneurship, our students themselves plan, design, organize and manage such events involving the entire college community.

Apex operates in an IT-centric environment where students are exposed to the right blend of information systems and business. Upon graduation, our students will find themselves better prepared on both the science and art of business decision-making. Apex has many more to offer, whether you are interested in a graduate or an undergraduate program. Please visit the College and meet our Admission team to find out what we have to offer for you.

Apex College Staff

Every member of our staff plays a significant role in achieving the common goal of building human capital. Furthermore,  our staff members act as strong team support in creating an environment that fosters academic excellence and enhances the learning experience of students and faculty members.

  • Arjun Karki Administration MBA 
  • Alisha Shah Examination Department 
  • Devi Silwal Examination Department
  • Durga Khatiwada Examination Department 
  • Gopal Timalsina Administration
  • Lokesh Maharjan MIS
  • Prem Khadka Examination Department 
  • Purna Thapa Lab and Maintenance
  • Rajendra Prasad Rupakheti Accounts
  • Sampurna Nepal Lab and Maintenance
  • Sangita Ghimire Program Officer 
  • Sarmila Aryal Accounts
  • Saroj Sedain Examination Department 
  • Som N Prasai Finance and Administration
  • Suganda Thapa MIS
  • Keshav Shrestha Administration 
  • Mohan Ghimire Server
  • Tirtha Karki Accounts
  • Yogesh Sitaula Library



Apex College
1261 Devkota Sadak,

Mid Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Phone : 4478841, 4467922



P.O. Box No.: 19691


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