Dependent Partner Visa Process for Australia

Dependent Partner Visa Process for Australia


The following visa application checklist for Dependent / Partner Visa Application for Australia helps you check that you have included all of the necessary documentation that is needed by the department to process your visa application.

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How to use this Dependent / Partner Visa Process checklist
1. Before you sign your visa application form, use this checklist to ensure that you have included all necessary
documentation to support your claims.
2. When you are satisfied that you have correctly completed your visa application form and all of the necessary
documentation is included, you should sign and date your visa application form.
3. Include this completed checklist when you lodge your visa application form and all necessary documentation.
Important information
Please be aware that the decision on your visa application may be decided based on the information and documentation
that you include at the time of lodgement.
The Visa Application Charge will not be refunded if your application is refused.
Hindu Marriage Act requirements
Please note that if your marriage has been solemnized under the Hindu Marriage Act, certain essential ceremonies are
required to have been performed in order for your marriage to be valid.
You should be aware that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship assesses the validity of Hindu marriages in the
following way:
1. If a Hindu marriage is performed with all the essential ceremonies the marriage is valid.
2. If all the essential ceremonies are not performed, registration of the marriage does not in itself make the marriage
3. There are two essential ceremonies that must be performed in every case; (1) Saptapadi (taking of seven steps
jointly by the bride and bridegroom before the sacred fire) and (2) invocation before the Holy Fire.
4. Depending on the applicant’s specific customs, there may also be other essential ceremonies that must be
5. When registering the marriage, the Registrar should be provided with evidence of various ceremonies being
performed including the two essential ceremonies. Such evidence may be in the form of photographs, oral
evidence of witnesses or the priest and a video recording.
6. Where the two essential ceremonies have not been performed the Department of Immigration and Citizenship
may request an applicant to prove the validity of their marriage.
Where an applicant is not able to substantiate the validity of their marriage, their application may be refused.
About the documentation that you include:
• Documentation provided will depend on your personal circumstances. The documents listed below are examples
only. Documentation required based on your personal circumstances may not be limited to the examples below.
• Only certified copies of all original documents (except Police Clearance Certificates) must be included with your
application. Copies should be certified by VFS where possible.
• Documentation must be either in English or a certified translation must be included with the original or certified copy.
• Each document of evidence should be accompanied by a brief description of the reason that evidence is being
provided and how it demonstrates the relationship or criteria.
• When applying for a Police Clearance Certificate to Australia, Indian citizens residing in India need to apply in
person with the Regional Passport Office where their passport was issued. Police Clearance Certificates issued by
any other authority are not acceptable.
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Documentation – For applicants of subclass 309/100 Tick the
you are
use only
1. Form 47SP Application for Migration to Australia as a Partner (all questions must be
completed and form must be signed).
2. Payment of fee (if fee has been paid in Australia, copy of receipt of payment).  
3. Certified copies of current passport/travel document for each person included in the
application and certified copies of the bio data and alterations pages of the
passport/travel document.
4. Certified copy of your birth certificate, in original language and an English
5. Form 888 Statutory Declaration by a Supporting Witness Relating to a Partner Visa
Application to be completed by two witnesses.
6. Form 80 Personal Particulars for Assessment Including Character Assessment to be
completed by each person included in this application over 16 years of age.
7. Valid original police clearance certificate from each country where each applicant
over 16 years of age included in this application has lived for 12 months or more in
the last 10 years.
See: Character Requirements Penal Clearance Certificates :
8. If you are applying on marriage grounds, you will need to provide a certified copy of
your Marriage certificate issued by the relevant State or Government Authority.
9. If you are applying on de facto grounds:
Evidence that your de facto relationship has existed for the entire 12 months before
lodging this application, that you are both aged 18 years or over at the time you
lodge this application and (if applicable) evidence that your relationship is registered
under a prescribed law of an Australian state or territory.
10. If you are permanently separated, divorced or widowed, certified copies of your
separation certificate, divorce decree or death certificate of the deceased partner
(as applicable).
11. In the event of a previous name change for any person included in this application,
certified copies of evidence of name change. For example: by marriage or deed poll.
12. Certified copy of military service record or discharge papers for each person
included in this application who has served in the military.
Supporting documents specific to the Sponsor
1. Form 40SP Sponsorship for Partner to Migrate to Australia (all questions must be
completed and form must be signed).
2. If you are permanently separated, divorced or widowed, certified copies of your
separation certificate, divorce decree or death certificate of the deceased partner (as
3. Certified copy of your passport showing permanent residence in Australia. If you are
a New Zealand citizen living in Australia, evidence of length of residence in Australia.
4. If there is a child under 18 years of age included in the application, you must provide
the following: (see over page)
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Valid original police clearance certificates from each country in which you have lived
in for more than 12 months or more (cumulatively) in the last 10 years.
AFP National Police Checks:
Sponsor Eligibility:
Character Requirements Penal Clearance Certificates :
5. Details of your current professional activity. For example: employment, education or
other activities. Please provide supporting documents of these activities.
6. Individual Tax Return Forms for the past 3 years. For example: Notice of Assessment
for Income Tax.
7. If applicable:
A statement from you regarding any previous partner visa application where you
were the sponsor or the visa applicant. You should provide the names of the parties
involved, dates of the relationships, why the relationship ended, and reasons why a
further sponsorship approval should be considered.
Supporting documents specific to the relationship
1. Written statements from applicant and sponsor regarding history of the relationship.
For example: how, when and where your first meeting took place and how the
relationship developed.
2. Evidence of the marriage central ceremony. For example: photos, DVDs, invitation
cards, receipts.
Note: photos should be printed and labeled with a description of the photograph and
names of the people who appear in them.
3. Evidence of marriage-related events. For example: photos of engagement ceremony,
cultural marriage rituals, wedding reception, honeymoon.
4. Evidence of ongoing contact over the period of your relationship. For example:
emails, phone calls, letters, chat history, video conferencing. Please limit evidence to
a total maximum of 50 pages.
5. Evidence that you and your partner are socially accepted as a couple. For example,
joint invitations, joint activities, friends and acquaintances in common.
6. Evidence of the financial aspect of your relationship:
• evidence of any joint ownership of real estate or other major assets (for example, cars,
appliances) and any joint liabilities (for example, loans, insurance);
• sharing of finances;
• legal commitments that you and your partner have undertaken as a couple;
• evidence that you and your partner have operated joint bank accounts for a reasonable
period of time;
• sharing of household bills and expenses; or
• the terms of your wills.
7. Evidence of cohabitation as a couple:
• a statement outlining your living arrangements;
• joint ownership or joint rental of the residence in which you live;
• joint utilities accounts (electricity, gas, telephone);
• joint responsibility for bills for day-to-day living expenses;
• joint responsibility for children;
• correspondence addressed to both you and your partner at the same address; or
• evidence of any joint travel (travel itineraries, booking vouchers, receipts.
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Supporting documents specific to dependent child/children on the application
1. Certified copies of birth certificates of children.  
2. Evidence that the applicant has the legal right to determine where the child shall live.
For example: original court order of custody, divorce decree with custody details.
3. Statutory declaration or no objection certificate from each person with legal
responsibility for the child stating that they have no objection to the child migrating.
4. If there are migrating children dependents 18 years of age or over, evidence that
they are financially dependent on the applicant or sponsor for the basic needs of
food, shelter and clothing, and how long this support has been provided. Evidence
may include bank statements, money transfers, rent receipts, education fees
5. If any migrating child included in your application is adopted, a certified copy of the
adoption papers. Evidence of dependency for any dependent children or dependent
relative aged 18 years or over included in your application.
For more information
See: DIAC website for more information on this visa.
See: About this Visa and Booklet 1 Partner Migration
Please ensure the latest versions of the application forms are used. See:
You are required to undergo a health assessment by a panel doctor nominated by DIAC. For more information see form
1163i and Immigration Panel Doctors at
I hereby acknowledge that:
 I have provided all supporting documentation for a decision to be made on my visa application.
 I have not provided information requested on this checklist and I am aware that either:
i. an adverse decision may be made based on the information I have provided or
ii. there may be significant delays to the processing of my application.
I also acknowledge that I am responsible for any related mail, courier and document handling charges, including
cost for providing any additional information that may be requested by the department.
Note: Form must be signed by parent(s) or guardian if applicant is under 18.
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