Wakaba Education Consultancy

Wakaba Education Consultancy
  • Address – New Baneshwor-34, Kathmandu

  • Contact – +977-1-4478794 / +977-9841461696 / +977-9843770392

  • Email –  wakabaeducationconsultancy@gmail.com

  • Website : www.wakabaeducation.com

Wakaba Education Consultancy is an educational consultant that provides services for students who want to pursue their educational career in Japan. Abroad study has become a popular concept in today’s age, and among them, Japan is one of the most requested destinations for foreign education. The professional team at Wakaba Education makes sure that every available service is utilized to ease the process of selecting universities and the visa process. We provide you the Basic language Classes and other information about Japan that will make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.


Services available at Wakaba Education Consultancy

  • Language Classes : The students undergo classes to learn the Japanese Language and develop an understanding of the language. They are able to make fluent and correct Japanese sentences by the end of the course.
  • Test Preparation : Professionals prepare the students for Language Tests. JLPT and NAT test services are available in the consultancy.
  • Documentation : We provide the facility of Documentation. We provide samples to prepare the Documents and make sure that the process is correct.
  • Visa Processing : Students will be helped by Wakaba for the Visa Processing after the Eligibility letter received from the Immigration of JAPAN.
  • Student counselling : Our team will help the students select the university of their choice. A detailed list of available courses are provided from which the student can choose his/her subject of interest.
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