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1. Study Abroad at Orbit International Education

It is a life-changing experience for everyone to choose to study abroad, leaving your native country behind, the friends, family and the all the experiences you have grown up with. These changes will instantly be reflected in your academic life, your personal life and more importantly your professional life in the future. But these changes should be the reasons of your success. More precisely, before you are ready to accept these changes, your best plan of future should be the reason.

We specialize in helping our students to make the best plan for them, their today and their tomorrow. Why would you want to go to any specific country should have a logical reason. Because just dropping your feet into the stranger’s land won’t make you the owner of that land. But, if you choose the right guidance that process, you could be the winner in that land. You can choose us – choose Orbit without any hesitation because we will guide you through each step in your process from

Where do I start?

The best way to begin the process is to have a monologue, ask few questions to you and answer them yourself, too. That’s because, we are the best judge of our lives and ourselves. Then you need to speak with your parents and share your plan, the destination, your goal, the financial implications and finally your expected outcome. Once you do this, then only does it makes sense to choose the destination country, the study areas, the employability and many other aspects that reflect in the whole process of your career plan. Once you are able to concretize your Objective with full focus, then all other aspects are statistics and figurative. You are strongly recommended to visit our office, drop a query or simply apply through our website. It is just simple.

The Department of Academics conducts various test preparation courses, training sessions on international languages, personality development workshops, internal academic seminars and professional training sessions. The department also works with the Study Abroad Department to provide seminars on academic culture and study skills as required by abroad study students to be able to pursue their further education abroad. Besides that the department also provides educational and career counseling for students so as to enable them to choose suitable courses for their further academic degrees.


Orbit conducts IELTS preparation courses for 30 hours in a period of six weeks with an hour per day from Monday to Friday. The students have an unlimited access to the Self Access Center to practice the skills. Every Sunday, the faculty administers full tests and qualified examiners assess the test papers before they are returned. Students’ essays are provided with teachers’ feedback for improvement. The final IELTS test is taken at the British Council or its authorized test centers. Test dates are announced in advance and therefore students need to register for their test as per the availability of the date at the British Council. For further detail about the test dates, students can also visit the website www.britishcouncil.org/ Nepal.

Course Structure
Students who prepare for IELTS with us follow a systematic schedule of lectures and practice sections designed to cover all areas of the test. Our video lectures introduce the key techniques for effective test preparation, and our expert tutors are available to explain particular problem areas and to solve difficulties encountered in class work and homework. Our program is structured yet flexible: Students proceed through the course at their own pace. The course is designed to complete in 6 weeks with 30 hours taught classes, but we can arrange an accelerated or an extended program depending your individual needs through Crash Course Model.

Test Structure

Listening and Speaking are the same in both general training and academic versions of the exam. However, candidates taking the academic module face more complex assignments in IELTS Reading and Writing section.

Listening is comprised of four parts of increasing difficulty. Each part is a short dialogue (or monologue) that is followed by a set of questions. It is important that you prepare well for the section and know enough IELTS Listening tips and tricks as each text is played only once. You will have 40 minutes to complete the task.

In the Reading Test, candidates are presented with three texts and 40 questions (13-14 for each text). If you had a look through our IELTS Reading tips in the general training module texts tend to be shorter and there might be as many as five. Candidates are given 60 minutes to read all the texts and fill in the answer sheet.

Writing is comprised of 2 tasks: in the academic module candidates IELTS Writing task1 requires to describe a graph, diagram or chart, and then answer to an argument. Those taking the general training version have an IELTS Writing task to write a letter and a short essay. Writing in IELTS essays requires a lot of practice. Like in Reading, students have 60 minutes to finish the section.


Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required by most of the universities in the US for admissions at graduate level. GRE scores are one of the determining factors of scholarship opportunities for graduate studies. It is an online Computer Adaptive Test that assesses student’s verbal, quantitative and analytical writing skills that are required for success at graduate level. Academic Department conducts preparation sessions for GRE test takers. This six-week course runs from Monday to Friday, two hours per day. The students have unlimited access to the Library and Self Access Center to practice the skills. Every Sunday, teachers organize a test for the students so that the students are well prepared for final test.

Academic Department at Orbit conducts preparation sessions for GRE test takers. Three different instructors who have been educated in the USA or have a deep understanding of writing expectations of American universities facilitate three sections of GRE preparation course. The analytical writing section is conducted in the forms of workshops where students participate in-group writing activities and receive both peer feedback and teacher’s comments so that they can improve their writing skills.

Course Structure
The GRE tests your verbal and quantitative reasoning, analytical writing and critical thinking skills. Verbal Reasoning — consists of reading comprehension, critical reasoning and vocabulary usage. Quantitative Reasoning — problem-solving and data analysis. Analytical Writing — evaluates your ability to communicate ideas clearly and effectively. The GRE Subject tests accentuate your skills and knowledge in a specific area and give you an edge over other applicants. Each subject test is designed for students with an undergraduate major or comprehensive background in any one of the following areas: Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Literature in English, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology.

Test Structure
The GRE Test is designed in the following structure



According to college board, the “A” in “SAT” used to stand for “aptitude,” but for many years now, the SAT has been what’s called an achievement test — a test of how well candidate have mastered important knowledge and skills. The SAT is, in short, a test about what candidate has learned in school. It’s a test candidate can — and should—prepare for. That still leaves the question of how best to prepare. SAT is required by most of the universities in the US for admissions at undergraduate level. SAT scores are one of the determining factors of scholarship opportunities for undergraduate studies. It is a paper-based test. The test assesses student’s verbal, quantitative and analytical writing skills that are required for success at undergraduate level. Students should register for the test online. Students can get more information on www.collegeboad.org.

SAT Course Structures

The SAT tests skills such as reading, writing and math. The evidence based reading and writing test consists of a reading section and language and writing section. The mathematics section consists of two sections – one with and one without a calculator. There is an essay writing test section, which is optional. There is no negative marking in the SAT and the score range for the SAT is 400-1600.

Students complete our specially designed, timed, computer-based study units and simulated tests during class, and complete tests from the Official Guide to SAT for homework. We place particular emphasis on building a strong foundation in grammar, reasoning and reading skills, and math concepts. We also train students in effective essay writing.

SAT Test Structures



Mission & Vision of Orbit International Education in their own

“Our Mission is to Contribute & our Vision is to Lead.”

Orbit International Education doesn’t sell lucrative words. We only offer the crystal clear career guidelines from the students’ perspectives of various areas such as personal status, family’s financial status, personal career plan for up to 5 to 10 years of life ahead and their future objective & goal. Our counseling deals with students’ psychological aspects and potential cultural shocks they may face abroad.

We are dedicated to help students from the time they enter Orbit Gate until they reach another gate of Success. We prepare them to be ready to deal with the digital world and the world of artificial intelligence. Hence, we have assimilated the policy of digitization and going paperless by introducing e-Learning Process, Online Booking and Payment for the test preparation courses. The mission is: help student become a global citizen.

Like our 20 years of glorious history, our focus remains consistent on exploring the reasons why we are on the top and serve accordingly and dig even deeper to reach out the new generation to address their aspirations. Hence, we follow the concept and methods of innovation, digitization and ‘glocalisation’ to keep motivating our students and national and international partners.



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