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Nepal Education Consultancy

Nepal Education Consultancy was established in 2001, It is one of the pioneers for abroad education counselling in Nepal. As other most consultancies, it is also registered under Ministry of Education, Science & Technology and fulfill all of the technical and certification requirements. Besides this, it has attained global certification of training which have possessed with Nepal Education Consultancy with knowledge to lead the counselling industry.

With over 18 years of experience it specialize in counselling of destinations like Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands and India. Nepal Education claims that along with high visa success rate,  it is also proud of its client  students who have been successful in their career through the counselling and guidance of Nepal Education Consultancy.

Nepal Education Consultancy is also a members of 2 education association of Nepal; Nepalese association of Australian Education representatives NAAER and International Education Representative Initiative of Nepal IERIN.

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About Australia

Study in Australia from Nepal is the right decision to make for abroad education. Did you know that Australia is the 6th biggest country in the world by land mass but is ranked 55 in term of population with an approximate count of 25 million people and contributes less than 0.35% of the world’s population? Modern Australia evolved to what it is today only after 1901 when 6 colonies federation to from the commonwealth of Australia and till today millions of people aspire to move to Australia weather its for education, employment or simply migrate. Some of the top most livable cities in the world are in Australia and so does some of the most highly ranked universities who excel in research which have brought a positive change in the world that we live in.

Australia today has become one of the most preferred destination for international students and it certainly not going to stop anytime soon. With superior standard education, high quality lifestyle, provision for international students to work part time, provision of post study work option for Australian degree holders, option to bring the students dependent partner (spouse) during study and many other factors make Australia one amazing destination presenting a diverse multicultural environment for the students to get study in.

Interesting facts about Australia

  1. 6th Largest country in the world
  2. Population about 25.5 million that is less than Nepal’s population.
  3. Australia Ranks among the top 3 for the highest human development index
  4. Australia has over 10000 beaches
  5. Australian alps receive more snow than Switzerland
  6. The are more sheep in Australia than humans (8:1 ratio)
  7. Sydney is the largest city but not the capital. Its Canberra
  8. Some of the deadliest animals live there

Study in Australia From Nepal

Studying in Australia from Nepal is the best decision you ever made. The Australian education system provides primary, secondary and tertiary education. If you are considering to study in Australia you should know,  the quality of education is of world class and is in very high demand. The qualification of the Australian education and training system is maintained by a policy called the Australian Qualification Framework AQF. There are 10 levels in the AQF and can be easily understood following the diagrams displayed below:

AQF-study in australia

Australian Universities Nepal Education Consultancy deals with :

Australia is home to some of the most prestigious and high ranked universities in the world. Although by count the number of Australian universities is only 44 but it is fair to say that almost all of the universities fall with in the top 3% in the world for quality, ranking & standards. Universities can also be categorized according to their membership in group associations.

Group of Eight

An alliance of 8 universities, the Group of eight (Go8) comprises of Australis leading research-intensive universities. Formed in 1999 the Go8 is prioritizes leadership in influencing the development and delivering long term sustainable national higher education and research policy and in developing elite international alliance and research partnerships.

Australian Technology Network (ATN)

An alliance of 4 universities, the Australian Technology Network are recognized as global leaders of a new generation of universities focused on industrial collaboration, real world research with real world impact and produce work ready graduates to become local thinkers in business and the community.

Innovative Research Universities

Studying in Australia from Nepal benefits you with the alliance of 7 universities. These Innovative research universities are focused on the translations and commercialization of research on issues of critical importance to the communities in which they are based and addressing problems of national and global scale.

Regional Universities Network

The alliance of 7 universities, the regional universities network delivers education programs across all of Australia.  They are leading the creation of regional knowledge hubs and technology parks, providing local access to infrastructure, technologies, research, knowledge and skills along with stimulating startups and growth of new business.

There are some Universities which are not listed in the above groupings.


There are several organizations who rank universities focusing on several criteria. Nepal Education consultancy recommends the following 3 organization when it comes to ranking the Australian universities.

Why choose Nepal Education Consultancy for your application to Study in Australia ?

Nepal Education Consultancy is a pioneer in abroad studies and will guide you in your mission to study in Australia from Nepal.

  1. Above 18 years of experience in the field of abroad education counseling services.
  2. Our director is an Australian university graduate: Monash University
  3. Most of our counselor have already visited Australia and know what they are talking about.
  4. Our counselor are PIER Certified (Highest certification for Australian counselling)
  5. Our office is regularly visited by university representatives and receive direct training from them.
  6. We are regularly updated on the Visa policies and can provide expert visa guidance.
  7. We always focus on delivering quality superior service and facilitate hundreds of highly satisfied students every year.

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