Motif Education Abroad

Motif Education Abroad

Motif Education Abroad (Motif Language & Abroad Studies) :

Motif Education Abroad provides educational services to support institutions and aspiring students in reaching their maximum potential of Abroad studies.

Comprehensive and professional counseling, practical knowledge, intensive test preparation classes and paradigm altering encouragement that will inspire students to achieve their education abroad goal.


Welcome Note from Motif Education Abroad

Welcome to MOTIF EDUCATION ABROAD! We, the counselors, teachers and the administrative staff welcome you to MOTIF, a place to find not only best advice and classes, but encouragement, inspiration, and motivation for your journey abroad laced with hopes of getting the education that enriches your life. Here, it has and always will be our truest desire to help students find encouragement and fulfillment in their education abroad endeavors through a holistic process of systematic, efficient and result oriented process that focuses your involvement as much as ours, if not more.

We are the best at what we do partly because we are qualified, trained and certified to do our jobs but most importantly it is because of all the personal as well as practical experiences we had over the illustrious 11 years of MOTIF. Simply, MOTIF exists to inspire you and help you to get your best fit in education abroad, all while enjoying the journey!! After all, it is the journey that builds us, not the destination!!

Here at MOTIF, we have no greater passion than to show you how simple and enjoyable it can be to study abroad and adjust to the whole process. We like to think that we are simply a conduit for what you want; professional, uncomplicated, and quality tested education abroad programs. The desire to help each and every one of you gives MOTIF the purpose and passion to work towards it.

Where Motif Comes

At MOTIF, we all find the encouragement for helping you because we want to solve the biggest problem in Nepal regarding study abroad. No one knows for sure. Students don’t always know what and where to study, how to get there, or even what to do to start. Universities and Institutions abroad don’t know where their target students are, how to reach them, or even how what programs can attract them. It is exactly where we come in. We come in as a link between the BEST institutions and DESERVING students for the institutions they prefer.


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5th Floor, OMKAR BUILDING, New Baneshwor, Ward No 10, Kathmandu, Nepal


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