Landmark Education

Landmark Education


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Putalisadak, Kathmandu

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  • Sahidchowk, Chitwan
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  • Gauchan Complex, Amartpath, Butwal
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  • Suite 12, Level 1, 301 Castlereagh Street,
  • Sydney, NSW 2000


Landmark Education :

Landmark Education exists with a proven track record; trusted by the stakeholders – either the students or the associated institutions. Continuous and focused mission to provide authentic and reliable information. Since its very inception, back in 2000 AD, the approach towards keeping Landmark’s corporate identity has been focused on understanding the students and providing services that they deem important. Landmark has been fully devoted to providing students with the experience of full satisfaction. Landmark has proved to be beneficial to the students since its establishment. It exists with a mission to provide high-quality counseling to all the students aspiring to study abroad. Their expertise in the field has been harnessed with our experience and existence of these 15 years. Landmark has been able to build an authentic image in the market for being an institution that provides realistic information that is fully beneficial to the students. Landmark has also been known for the fact that it completely discourages fake and fraudulent information and strongly believes that such fraudulent information will mislead students during their overall stay abroad and create  an irreparable dent in their career.

Countries Serving For:

  • Australia
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