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Innovative Creation Service is an overseas education consultancy, led and managed by dedicated consultants with extensive experience in career counselling. Services currently offered by our team include counselling the prospective students, identifying colleges and universities abroad, assured admissions, comprehensive preparation for the visa interview, and also pre-departure orientation. The core activity lies in providing accurate and realistic counselling to the students willing to pursue further education abroad. Our placement wing specializes in English speaking countries like Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada and Europe.

Innovative Creation Service is also a training institute that offers preparation courses for international tests like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT & PTE. It is an institution founded with the mission of excellence in education, to maintain and promote the academic standard and to cater for the diverse needs of Nepalese students so as to lead the country towards today’s competitive, progressive & technological world.

We are a team of professionals who believe in growth, harmony and integrity. We take an opportunity providing personalized consultancy to students at all stages of education, from school to university level. Our advisors are experienced. Our tutors are among the best in their specializations and deliver result-oriented lectures by generating appropriate environment.

Services Available at Innovative Creation Service

1.Counselling & Students Screening:

ICS is an experienced agency in checking the background of Students eligibility for enrollment. Universities, colleges and education providers turn to us because of our safe, secure and customized screening procedure which is unique in the Nepalese prospective student market.

2.University Selection & Application:

ICS team assists students to choose the level of degree he/she applies for, and direct them to correct form to fill in. It plays a vital role if the applicant is unsure which major they wish to study. The team provides entire support for enrollment, offer letters and the process of confirmation of enrollment. Our team is in regular touch with universities and students as a liaison body.

3.Guidance on Documentation:

ICS Document Department is designed to help students prepare their own documents and comply with court procedural requirements. We provide a good grasp of the legal and practical rules and procedures, to prepare the documents for admission, confirmation of enrollment and Visa Application. We suggest which forms are appropriate for the circumstances. We also assist, as per the requirements, with the paperwork related to university and Visa authorities.

4.Scholarship & Interview Assistance:

The Scholarship Assistance Program works to inform students about the process of applying for private/outside scholarships. From the beginning phase of researching scholarships, to putting the application in the mail, we help students with every step. Interviews are not part of every university’s admission process, many institutions will ask students to meet online before accepting their application. ICS Team assists students to prepare for the interview to show their potential to study at the university.

5.Career Counselling:

Career counselling is one of the important features belongs to ICS Nepal. Feel free to visit us and discover the difference. Our experts are always there to help you. Come as you are, we make you stay smart on the walks of life.

6.Offer Letter Confirmation:

ICS will go through all the application procedures till the applicant is accepted in the program and receive I-20/Offer Letter from respective university/college. Expertise guide line in all delicate steps will forerun the vital decision of a life time-studying abroad.

7.Visa Lodgement:

The visa system is complex and at times confusing and constantly changing, that may result to the inaccuracies. Incomplete or wrong visa applications and mistakes may lead to delays or unsuccessful results. So, these mistakes are painful and expensive since visa application fee are non-refundable and the Department of Immigration does not take responsibility for the applications that you make. Thus, ICS is very serious about application and ensures a perfect and error free visa lodgement.

8.Pre Departure Briefing:

ICS conducts a Pre-departure Briefing for students after Visa Approval from respective Embassy. The briefing covers topics ranging from academic life, accommodation, cost of living and much more. The sole purpose of this is to help international students take their First Step. It is a pre-departure guide for students, which combines general advice on immigration, fees and maintenance requirements with guidance on preparing for a student’s journey, arriving that country and so forth.

Countries Serving For:

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