Hardford Infotech Center

Hardford Infotech Center

Hardford Infotech Center, also known as Hardford Education Center is one of the renowned institutions in education consultancy. It was established in 2005 with the spirit to give quality education and good counseling to the students. Since its establishment it has been running in its motto and achieving success continuously.

Looking back to its history to now, it was started from four small rooms and now it has well computer lab, library facility, well equipped classrooms with audio and video and so on. Besides, in the long run it has been expanding its branch in the main cities of Nepal.

Hardford Education Center is run by genuine professional teachers and counselors as well as academicians, authors. Most of the teachers have international graduation and automatically learners can get first hand information and experiences. It aims to provide latest information about college/universities in the world. In addition, it has been running several seminar and workshop by the authentic schools/colleges/universities to provide good information.

Hardford Education has also been creating open platform to discuss with them for their better academic career. Besides, it grants various language classes and test preparation courses like NAT, JLPT, Top J, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE, GMAT by well experienced and professional teachers.

HardFord Education Center mainly focuses its services on the following :

  • Career Counselling : HardFord Education provides career counseling for those students who want to study in abroad. It proclaims that it has  the best counselor, who, at first understand aptitute, academics, employment and financial background of students. The counselor keeps every aspect in mind and provide the best way forward for student’s brighter future.
  • Test Preparation : To get admission to a university abroad, students should take preparation classes. HardFord offers NAT,JLPT and IELTS classes. These test judge student’s eligibility for admission and also help to get scholarship and other forms of financial aid to universities/colleges. HardFord has expert and friendly trainers who guide students in the examination.
  • Interview Assistance : HardFord prepares students for visa interview in such a way that they become confident to crack any difficulties in an interview. HardFord conducts interviews and group discussion to give them confident and analyze their weakness to turn them in their strengths.
  • Visa Preparation : Visa processing is one of the most critical part of abroad study. HardFord also service visa preparation guidance. We guide you to complete visa procedure minimizing any chances of errors. The experienced consultant guides students through the complex maze of preparing and submitting the visa application.
  • Pre Departure : HardFord provides pre-depature services to students. It covers accommodation, cost of living, immigration procedure.








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