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Grace International

Grace International Education & Migration Introduction

Grace International is a leading educational service provider. It is situated in the heart of the capital city, Kathmandu. It was established with the aim of delivering quality educational services.

Grace has almost a decade long history of serving numerous students, Universities and Colleges. It has delivered a quality result during its service. It has a state of the art facilities, expert counselors and family environment.

At Grace, students themselves find easy to share their feelings and that’s what make it understand students with dedication & responsibility.

Since the date of establishment, Grace International is working with various globally recognized educational houses. It stand for conviction, reliability and unwavering commitment to the aspirations of the students who aim to study abroad.

Most of the team members have abroad educational background; hence the student will get the eye seen information to the wave-gathered.


The mission of Grace International is to show the right pathway to the students in the right country. And Grace also focuses in selecting the right university and the right program. This way, Grace is helping students to pursue their dream career and to emerge their future.

Besides above, Grace also we focuses on helping students to explore their learning potentiality in right educational destination.


Grace International was established in 2006. Its main objective was to provide academic guidance for students. Mainly to those students, who wanted to acquire their higher education in countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada & New Zealand.

Grace’s fundamental service is to help students for selecting the right courses in the best universities. For this, Grace International provides a plenty of study options.


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