Introduction of Education Park

Education Park believes that success is when we can put a smile of achievement and accomplishment on the student’s faces. Since the time of our establishment, it has strive each day to deliver exemplary services to students and parents. It realizes the fact that each person has his or her own individual needs and goals. And Education Park has always catered personalized guidance to help everybody who has come to it to realize their potential.

Education Park as a consultancy does not believe in helping students with their visa processing needs. But it also offers advice on what could best suit their goals. Whenever a student visits,  they come with great expectations. But these students have very little knowledge about the studies, destination and their own study plan. This include :

  • the choice of the country the students would like to go to,
  • the course of study they would like to opt for and
  • the university that could fulfill their objective .

They are these small details which often get overlooked. And we try to clarify these students so that they make judgment on what they would like to pursue in the future.

Education Park also takes pride in the fact that we have seasoned counselors who have been involved in this sector for many years. Having dealt with numerous students with various needs and choices, our team is well equipped to take on each challenge on an individual case by case basis. Moreover, we also help students with preparation classes for academic tests that are mandatory like the IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT and GRE for anyone who wishes to pursue their higher education in Australia, United States of America or Europe. Also our approach to preparation classes is unique in itself whereby we do not just teach the course materials but share our knowledge. The team at Education Park has always tried to fulfill the motto with which we established the institution – “Making students’ future brighter”.



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