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Aryan Foundation Nepal

Aryan Foundation Nepal is a Government registered Organization established under Company Act of Nepal Government. The vision of providing seamless education information to Nepalese students and assist them in realizing their dream of pursuing higher studies. And the destinations are the world class institution where Nepalese students can be educated at affordable cost.

Aryan foundation Nepal carries tag line slogan “Education for All” meaning “Sarwa Shikshya”.

Aryan Foundation in context of Nepalese Education

A country cannot be considered developed if quality education is not in reach of its every citizen. History of Education in Nepal began from establishment of first school in the year 1853 by Rana Families. But the school was only for the members of ruling families and their countries. Schooling for general public started 1951. And since then, Nepal has witnessed dramatic expansion in education sector with establishment of 50000+ schools+ 600+ colleges, Seven Universities and Two academy of Higher education in six decades. Today altogether there are 10 million students are pursing education in those institutions.

Despite of such example of success there are problems and challenges. Education is not in reach of its every citizen due to geographical condition and lack of infrastructure. Proper educational management, quality, relevance, and access are some of the critical issues of education in Nepal. Moreover political influence in education is deteriorating the quality day by day. As result, every year thousands of students migrate to other country in search of higher education.

Aryan Foundation Nepal is established to create awareness about the Importance of education in societal & National Development. Aryan acts as a platform for students to learn about

  • the universities,
  • contemporary education system ,
  • course details,
  • cost involved and
  • procedure to get admission into Domestic & International Institutions.

At Aryan Foundation, students get opportunity to select course and college of their choice considering their affordability. Aryan foundation Nepal is committed to provide genuine and authentic information to the students. It assists students in getting admission into world class institutions under various scholarships and self Finance Schemes.




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