Okayama Institute Of Languages

Okayama Institute Of Languages


An Ideal Environment for Study

Compared to Tokyo, Okayama has a lower cost of living, and is a comfortable place to live. Living in Okayama is convenient because you can get around the city by bicycle, which means there are low transportation costs. The people are warm and friendly and it is a pleasant place to live and to practice your language skills. Not too big, and not too small – Okayama is just the right size and the ideal place to study.

 The Land of Sunshine

Okayama is a safe city with a great climate. Okayama is known as the “Land of Sunshine” – the weather is sunny and there are few natural disasters such as typhoons or earthquakes.

Convenient Location

Okayama Institute of Languages is conveniently located in the center of the city, close to convenience stores, department stores, grocery stores, hospitals and post offices. Most students live in dormitories or apartments that are just 10 to 15 minutes from school by bike.

 A Dedicated and Supportive Staff

We have English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Cambodian and Mongolian speaking staff to assist students. We support you from arrival to graduation. On your first day in Japan, we help you register with the local municipal government, open a bank account, purchase a bicycle, etc. Throughout your stay in Japan, we will address your concerns with care and professionalism, and provide whatever assistance you might need, from health-related issues to a part-time job search.

Carefully Categorized Classes and Courteous and Personalized Teaching by Experienced Teachers

 Since classes are carefully organized according to skill level (with a total of 18 levels), you can study at classes suitable for your Japanese level and learning speed. All our teachers have extensive and varied experience in Japanese language education.
In our courses, we help students comprehensively expand their proficiency in Japanese, with a proper balance of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Additionally, we take steps aimed at enabling students to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) with a high score. Along the way, students acquire Japanese language abilities useful across a variety of situations.

An International Student Body

Our students are from around 20 different countries. It will be a great opportunity to communicate with each other in Japanese and to immerse yourself in a multicultural environment.

Support for Your Higher Education Goals in Japan

Okayama Institute of Languages will be a springboard to making your dreams come true. In addition to teaching regular classes, teachers at Okayama Institute of Languages provide university guidance, individual counseling, interview and essay practice, and math and science preparatory classes for the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU). 
Specialized teachers provide advice for students to help them advance to higher education.

Numerous Scholarship Programs

At Okayama Institute of Languages, there are many scholarship programs available without repayment obligations after graduation. Full-time students who are enrolled in our school more than 6 months and go on to a university or graduate school after graduating from Okayama Institute of languages are eligible to apply.
●Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students
 ¥30,000/month×12months (4 of our students selected in 2016) 
●LSH Asia Scholars Association Scholarship 
 ¥100,000  (1 of our students selected in 2016) 
●Nakashima Memorial Foundation Scholarships
   ¥10,000/month×12months  (21 of our students selected in 2016)

【School Scholarships】

●Okayama Institute of Languages Honors Scholarship
 ¥50,000円     (Selection: Twice a year 22 Students Selected in 2016)
●Okayama Institute of Languages Honors Scholarship
   ¥ 5,000   (Selection: Twice a year 42 Students Selected in 2016)

Job Referral – Qualified Specialized Staff 

Strong support for Finding Part-Time Jobs
We encourage our students to get stuck in to all aspects of life in Japan. Our specialised staff are qualified to provide referrals for part-time jobs, so you can get a taste of Japanese working life and culture as well as support yourself financially. We offer advice on writing resumes, interview practice and tips on Japanese work etiquette.
In order to work part-time during your studies, you will need to apply for permission from the Japanese Immigration Bureau upon or after arrival in Japan. This will entitle you to work for up to 28 hours a week during term-time, or 8 hours a day during holidays.
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